News — Google Adds Depression Survey Tool to Search

The news article itself is several days old but I thought it would be good to comment on it. Mental health awareness and access are definitely hot topics as of late. We’ve seen a significant amount of news relating to celebrity suicides, bullying and a general uptick in issues relating to mental health. While I’m glad that Google is trying to do something to raise awareness it’s just sort of the first step in a long process and I worry that some of that message is lost.

The survey itself is not new but it’s been crafted to provide a starting off point to seeking help. Personally I usually approach these types of online surveys with a grain of salt.  It’s possible to be very much on the borderline and sometimes the range of answers doesn’t quite capture the experiences for everyone. As daunting as the process is though I do think it’s a good idea to seek out a therapist or psychologist if you suspect you may be on the bubble. I can only hope that the stigma continues to be removed from seeking mental health services and that something is done to make help more accessible.


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2 thoughts on “News — Google Adds Depression Survey Tool to Search”

  1. Did you take the Google online survey to see where it places you in relation to what you know to be true? I’m curious, but also am wary that somehow identifying information will get stored and my ‘secret’ will be found out.

    1. I did, it fell in line with my dysthymia diagnosis. I think if nothing else it just gives you that small nudge that ‘yes maybe you should seek further help’ which isn’t a bad thing necessarily.

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