Small Commentary on World Mental Health Day

Today marks world mental health day and I’m glad it’s something being recognized but I hope that glib humor aside people realize what this day should be about, bringing awareness about mental health and being open to seeking help. The theme of this years Mental Health Day is actually mental health in the workplace which for me hits home pretty hard.

Clinical depression and the workplace is a touchy subject, every boss wants a happy team but you don’t always get that. Some industries are more prone to giving rise to depression. The symptoms aren’t always visible and sometimes it impacts the bottom line more than most folks may be aware. So today take a look at your work environment. See if there’s things you can do to foster morale, to help someone seek treatment, or if you feel you may be experiencing issues seek help yourself. Don’t be affraid to investigate your companies policies on things like FMLA, mental health days. Take those breaks, reset but most of all, seek help if you need it.