A Frank Discussion About Depression, Divorce and Determination

A quick run through of why this site came to be and what I'm using it for.

In Oct 2015 I discovered my marriage was in shambles. I made one bad choice after another and in the end lost someone very important to me. I had to take a very hard look in the mirror and realize that I had been poorly handling undiagnosed depression.  Fast forward the tape a bit and my divorce was finalized in April 2016.

Here I was, alone again, dealing with something I thought I'd never have to face. I had finally sought out a therapist and by the good graces of luck I found my therapist very helpful and I was able to start the road to recovery.


There's a prevailing stigma, particularly in Asian culture about seeking out mental health.  I was always taught to deal with your emotions yourself and while 'technically' correct the reality is depression as a health issue goes beyond the scope of what a person can handle by themselves. As I found myself in the process of divorce I realized here I am, 37 (now 38), Asian American male in a downward spiral. I felt lost and useless, I had let my depression change so much about who I was.  My will to go out and just be social, my attitude and behavior towards my spouse.  While nothing earth shattering I'm hoping to share some of my experiences here and through my other websites (such as my SmugMug gallery) in an effort to  both process my pain and chronicle my journey through the world of mental health.


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PS: If you came here thinking this was somehow related to "Lord Vraxx" or the game Brawlhalla sorry, I've used this handle since the late 90's





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